Friday, November 19, 2010

Who's Got the Wackier Fans - Twilight or Harry Potter

This is just funny, and frankly, a little bit scary....enjoy ~ LOL!

From EOnline:

Watch out, Eclipse, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is already breaking box-office records.

It's true, we admire Harry Potter's creative superiority to the Twilight flicks (tho, it's the vamp stars we hold closest to our hearts), but we think it's time to really examine who really brings the crazy: Twi-hards or Potterheads.

Meet Anita, a (we can only assume) vampire bride who entered Moviefone's biggest Twilight fan contest...

Anita professes in the video above that Twilight is the reason for her existence and that she would take a bullet for any castmember. She adds it's not Robert Pattinson's hair or Taylor Lautner's chiseled mid-section that reel her in, but "the world they live in."

Please refer to the video in order to asses the girl, er, bride's level of obsession.

Now, Moviefone is also hosting a contest for the world's biggest Harry Potter fan.

While we think this worshiper equally brings the crazy (three rooms dedicated to H.P. for freaks-sake, and the guy can wear Harry Potter clothing for three months without wearing the same thing twice), the video is much more interestingly done (Just like the movies themselves).

Way clever or too much time on his hands?

You be the judge.

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