Saturday, December 31, 2011

Taylor Lautner People Magazine Cover is FAKE!

From Twilight Lexicon:

Taylor Lautner is not coming out in the January 7th issue of People Magazine. Apparently a manip (manipulated photo) that had its origins on Tumblr somehow got picked up by a variety of news services as legit. It is in fact A FAKE. The photo itself is real enough having been part of the New Moon PR campaign, but the text is entirely bogus. Gossip Cop has full details.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Breaking Dawn Took Home EW's Best Wedding of 2011 Award


Twilight Breaking Dawn took home Best Wedding Of 2011 Prize. Apparently Entertainment Weekly,recently threw a little contest for Best Wedding of 2011,and despite not even being a real life wedding, Breaking Dawn part 1 took the trophy anyways.

Now,that’s pretty major. You know you’ve got it going on when the “make believe” stuff starts taking out the real stuff. It beat out Kate and Prince William’s Royal Wedding,and a couple of other popular weddings.

EW’s resident wedding planner David Tutera gave the Bdawn wedding an A- grade,and said, he “thought it was stunning. I know it’s a movie, it’s not real, but if you’re going to spend money on a wedding, there’s one to copy.”

He also commented on William and Kate’s royal wedding,stating, “I would give that a B+. I thought it was wonderful. I thought fashion was an A, but overall I thought B+. I was hoping they wouldn’t be as safe as they were, but I understand why they were.”

It’s no surprise that he gave the Kim Kardashian wedding a big,fat F grade,and said, “I’m appalled and disgusted about everything that they did. I don’t care how beautiful it was, I think it was unfortunately a very well calculated business agreement.”

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

This is the cutiest photo!!!! Isn't Edward going to make an awesome daddy!! :-)

Merry Christmas - We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and get to share it with the ones you love.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 - MTV's #2 Newsmaker of 2011

One doesn't need Alice Cullen's powers of prognostication to foretell fang-tastic returns for "The Twilight Saga."

Four years in, and the success of the franchise is a foregone conclusion. To wit, the penultimate film in the series, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1," has grossed more than $600 million worldwide since its November release and even set a new record by becoming the first installment to top the box office three weekends in a row. And it also landed at #2 on MTV News' Top Newsmakers of 2011 list, falling short only to Lady Gaga.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Next Movie Does Twilight Ice Cream & Breaking Dawn Poll

From Twilight Lexicon:

Next Movie has done a really hilarious job of parodying a bunch of 2011 movies as Ben and Jerry’s ice cream flavors. Check out the Twilight one here, but hit their site to see the rest including take offs on New Year’s Day, Girl With a Dragon Tattoo, and Midnight in Paris (starring Michael Sheen).

Also while you are over at Next Movie, vote for Breaking Dawn 2 in the most anticipated 2012 movie poll. Currently it’s an intense battle between The Hunger Games and Breaking Dawn.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Official Breaking Dawn Part 1 Illustrated Movie Companion Available NOW!


The official Breaking Dawn Part 1 Illustrated Movie Companion is hitting stores and is available now!

Now that you’ve seen the movie, you can take an in-depth look at the making of the film, and if the previous versions were any indication, this is a must-buy.

Right now Amazon is offering it for only $9.49 (it lists for $18.99), which seems like a pretty great deal!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bella As A Vampire


New Official Breaking Dawn Part 2 photo shows first shot of Bella as a vampire. Hey guys. The new official Twilight Breaking Dawn companion came out today,and features a host of new material from the final installment, including this first shot of Bella as bloodsucking and dripping, slimy vampire. Ok, well it’s not actually that bad as she looks quite beautiful here. However, from what I’ve heard, she’s going to have problems controlling her new blood thirst, and the Cullens are going to have to train her to calm ... down.

This photo is actually a close-up glimpse of her from the ending of Breaking Dawn part 1, right after she woke up from giving birth and dying. Yeah, it’s well before she gets started sinking her teeth into people. I can’t wait to see the new vampire Bella in action. She’s gonna turn it out. I just know it, and I’ve heard other people claim how into it she is.

Part 2 stars: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Billy Burke, Rami Malek, Maggie Grace, Mackenzie Foy, and Tracey Heggins. It hits theaters on November 16th,2012

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hollywood's Best Actors For The Buck


The Twilight movies are more than a cultural sensation, they're a financial phenomenon. The latest, Breaking Dawn, has ranked No. 1 at the U.S. box office for the past three weekends and has already earned $588 million worldwide. The entire franchise has brought in $2.4 billion so far and there's still one more movie set for release next year.

It's been a lot of reward for relatively little outlay. The first two movies were produced for $37 million and $50 million, respectively. The current film is the most expensive to date with an estimated budget of $110 million. Part of the reason the budget has risen is that stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are getting paid more for playing Bella and her vampire boyfriend Edward, but they're still not getting the $20 million paychecks that some big stars can command.

In Pictures: Hollywood's Best Actors for the Buck

That's why the Twilight stars land so high on our list of Hollywood's Best Actors for the Buck, with Kristen Stewart at No. 1. For every $1 Stewart is paid her films earn an average $55.83. Pattinson ranks third with his films bringing in an average of $39.43 for every dollar he is paid.

Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesRobert Pattinson, left, and Kristen Stewart,... View Full Size Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesRobert Pattinson, left, and Kristen Stewart, right, arrive at the premiere of Summit Entertainment's "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" at the Nokia Theater L.A. Live, November 14, 2011 in Los Angeles, Calif.
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How does Stewart beat Pattinson when they earn virtually identical salaries on their Twilight films? For the purpose of this list we look at each star's last three major releases in the last five years, and Pattinson has been busier than Stewart. He starred in two non-Twilight projects in the past two years: Remember Me and Water for Elephants. Neither film performed particularly well and that pulled down the average return on investment for Pattinson.

To create our list we looked at the 40 highest-earning actors in Hollywood. To qualify, each had to have starred in at least three movies in the past five years that opened in more than 500 theaters. Movies that opened after May 1 were not counted. We also didn't look at animated films because the stars aren't really the draw.

We used data gathered for our annual Celebrity 100 list to calculate each star's estimated earnings on each film (including up-front pay and any earnings from the movie's box-office receipts and first-year sales of DVDs). We then looked at each movie's estimated budget (not including marketing costs, which are susceptible to accounting chicanery) and box-office and DVD earnings to figure out an operating income for each film.

We added up each star's compensation on his or her last three films and the operating income on those films, and divided the total operating income by the star's total compensation to come up with a return-on-investment number. The final number represents an average of how much a studio earns for every dollar paid.

Sandwiched between the Twilight stars, Anne Hathaway ranks second on our list with an average return of $45.67 for every $1 she's paid. Most of that comes from Alice in Wonderland, which was a massive hit, earning $1 billion on a budget of $200 million. Bride Wars also did well enough on a relatively low budget to help keep her average numbers up.

Ranking fourth is another actor who has benefited from a massively successful franchise: Daniel Radcliffe. The young star earned a hefty salary for the last few Harry Potter movies but the films are such massive moneymakers (the franchise has pulled in $7.7 billion in global ticket sales) that his paycheck is relatively insignificant. For every $1 Radcliffe was paid his films earned $34.24.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Booboo Stewart Wins Best Sidekick

Booboo won the Best Sidekick Award at the the annual Youth Rocks awards and we have to totally agree with their choice. Booboo did an awesome job in Breaking Dawn Part 1!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

MTV's Breaking Dawn Part 1: Year in Review


10. "Breaking Dawn" Soundtrack Revealed
The vampire franchise has not only made its stars super famous, but an artist who lands on any of the films' best-selling soundtracks can expect a special boost and instant exposure to a massive fanbase. Emerging acts like Sleeping At Last and Christina Perri, as well as rising stars like Bruno Mars have earned featured spots on the compilations. But "Twilight" stars have also contributed material, with Mia Maestro's "Carmen" making the cut.

9. The "Twilight" World Tour
There's nothing like the glitz of a red-carpet premiere to bring out the best in everyone, particularly with regard to wardrobe choices. When the "Breaking Dawn" cast embarked upon a whirlwind tour of world premieres, Twilighters couldn't wait to see who wore what. MTV News captured the glamorous looks in a handy photo gallery for repeated viewing pleasure.

8. "Breaking Dawn" Goes To Comic-Con
Those who've been following the franchise from the beginning will probably remember that it was at in 2008 San Diego Comic-Con that thousands of screaming fans descended upon the annual pop-culture convention and surprised convention-goers with their overwhelming enthusiasm. That first showing was such a huge success that going forward, Summit made Comic-Con a major priority with regard to promoting the films. At this summer's event MTV News got several particularly newsy tidbits about Renesmee and Jacob's imprinting, but we also really loved hearing Kristen Stewart talk about Bella's wedding.

7. Our Extended "Breaking Dawn" Interview
We've had the pleasure of catching up with the castmembers several times this year, so it was hard to narrow down all of those great interviews into just one favorite. That said, we loved hearing Robert Pattinson talk about Stewart playing a vampire in "Breaking Dawn - Part 2." And he really loved that she had to suffer through those uncomfortable contact lenses for the transition. "When she finally wore them and then was complaining about them every second of the day, it was kind of satisfying," he smiled.

6. The First Photo
Any piece of "Twilight" news is arguably cause for a few screams of delight for Twilighters. But when Summit released the first steamy, swoon-worthy photo of newlyweds Edward and Bella in bed together, we could practically hear the collective squeals and sighs from fans around the world. Talk about starting the New Year off with a bang.

5. The Trailer
This one really needs no introduction or explanation, but if there were squeals when the first photo was released, there may well have been mind-explosions and full-on fainting when we premiered the first full-length "Breaking Dawn" trailer during the '11 MTV Movie Awards. The clip offered glimpses of the wedding, a shirtless Jacob Black, the Cullens, the wolf pack, a very unexpected and dangerous pregnancy ... everything a Twilighter hoped for.

4. Fan-Made Reactions To The Trailer
When we asked "Twilight" fans to send in their reactions to the trailer, we couldn't have anticipated all of the crying. Fans shed tears of joy, of course, and with those emotional outpourings clinched prominent placement on our list.

3. "MTV First: Breaking Dawn," The Highlight Reel
As we've already mentioned, we were lucky to spend time with the cast this year. One of the best interviews we conducted was as part of our "MTV First" series. Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner introduced an exclusive clip and let loose in a lively Q&A. We even put together a highlight reel from the extra-special event that includes making Stewart uncomfortable and Pattinson complaining about Lautner's well-defined abs.

2. The L.A. Premiere
Excitement over the star-studded Los Angeles premiere of "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" was so intense it seemed to rival major Hollywood events like the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards. Celebrity super fans begged to attend and came out in droves to the premiere, many with their children and teenagers in tow. The fans' cheering was nonstop as the stars arrived on the black carpet, but it reached fever pitch with the arrival of Pattinson. Naturally, our quick chat with the heartthrob about all those sex scenes and their potential to give the film an R-rating made our Twilight Tuesday "best of" list.

1. Fans Unite In "Tent City"
Make no mistake, we have high regard for Pattinson, Stewart, Lautner, director Bill Condon and everyone who worked on "Breaking Dawn," but when it comes to the franchise's key components, the fans are the real secret to its success. When we visited the dedicated, die-hard bunch that descended upon downtown Los Angeles to camp out, we were delighted by their enthusiasm. Gathered in appropriately named "tent city," they amassed several days before the premiere in a show of ultimate fandom.

So here's to you, "Twilight" fans, and see you again next year for "Breaking Dawn - Part 2."