Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Kristen Revels Breaking Dawn Wedding Ring


This is the first glimpse of Bella Cullen‘s wedding ring! While Kristen Stewart was running on a treadmill on the set of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn on April 18 in Squamish, she was wearing her on-screen wedding band, signifying her character’s marriage to boyfriend Robert Pattinson‘s character, vampire Edward Cullen!

The first week of April, Rob and Kristen were busy filming the actual wedding scene. We got a glimpse of what Bella’s gorgeous wedding dress might look like.

While their on-screen romance continues to develop, K-Stew’s fondness for her beau must be growing ever so deep as she took time out of her crazy schedule to fly to NYC on April 17 — just for the night — to join R-Patz for their premiere of his new movie with Reese Witherspoon, Water for Elephants.

The next day, Kristen was back on a plane to Vancouver – and on set for filming.

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