Tuesday, April 27, 2010

'Eclipse' Edward to Look More Like Teenager

By Kim Palacios with Hollywoodnews.com:

HollywoodNews.com: Nobody complained about the now-famous gray pea coat Edward sported in “Twilight”, nor did they grumble over his fitted casual long-sleeved jerseys, light blue button-downs, or black wayfarers. “New Moon” was a different story—the birthday party and forest scenes found him in something that looked like tweed—reminding us all that Edward’s tastes may be less aligned with those of a 17-year-old teenager than with those of a vampire whose age is 109.

Part of the fan reaction to Edward’s wardrobe in “New Moon” (aside from the fact that it didn’t flatter Robert Pattinson’s physique, as the wardrobe largely had in “Twilight) was sentiment that Stephenie Meyer had not written his character to dress so “old”. Even Carlisle, who can be considered older than Edward in every sense of the word, looks more contemporary than Edward in every scene of “New Moon”.

Yet, a recent set of new photos have sparked new hope for fans of Robert Pattinson and fans of the Twilight Saga. The photos show Edward in a fitted denim jacket, a light gray v-neck t-shirt, and contemporary jeans. And it’s not just the official photos—promotional videos including both trailers seem to confirm the conclusion that the Edward in “Eclipse” will look a little bit more like a teen.

But, be warned not to expect too much. The trailers still show a few places where the wardrobe slips. In particular, a certain plaid shirt + gray textured jacket combo misses the mark. (At least it’s better than tweed.)


Bitten said...

The tweed jacket was for Bella's birthday party and everyone was sort of dressed up.

I was glad to see that pea coat gone, it looked too small for Edward. But, the clothing budget for Twilight vs. New Moon had to be astronomically different. Everyone looke a wee bit better.

Trixie and Tess said...

We are SOOOOO excited about "Black Sweater Eddie". We've already talked about him enough that we refer to him as BSE. We were really hoping that BSE was the version we would get for the lifesize cut-out, but no such luck. However, "Jean Jacket White T-shirt Eddie" is totally hott, so we're not complaining. :)


Little Lovables said...

good, hopefully, Alice will not look like a grandma like she did in new moon