Monday, April 19, 2010

Summit Assures Fans 'Eclipse' Reshoots are Planned

From All Headline News:

Reshoots on “Eclipse” are normal, Summit Entertainment assures worried fans. The film studio insists that the third “Twilight” film is running on schedule.

Rumors are suggesting that film bosses are disappointed with director David Slade so they decided to reshoot some scenes for the film.

But a company rep insisted that they are happy with the helmer and that everything is fine.

The spokesperson said, “They are not technically reshoots but rather ‘pickup shots.’ They have been planned for several movies and are normal in the filmmaking process. They are not shooting anything regarding meadow or action scenes.”

“The studio is very happy with Slade and some internally think this film could very well be the best of the three.”

It wasn’t revealed when the “pickup shots” will be filmed but it is expected to be in Vancouver where the rest of the shoots were taken.

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