Monday, July 19, 2010

Breaking Dawn Scenes Won't Make Film Rated R


"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" is still in theaters, but its sequel "Breaking Dawn" is causing a lot of discussion on the Internet.

SPOILER WARNING: If you haven't read the book yet, then be aware that the following contains information from the plot that could spoil your experience. Either skip this or prepare to be spoiled.

First of all, having author Stephenie Meyer on board officially as a producer will allay some fans' fears that the movie won't follow the novel faithfully. It's a doozy of a book, with lots of emotionally tricky and intimate scenes, so even Meyer herself wasn't sure it should be adapted for the screen.

"Originally, I was very much on the fence," she tells Twifans. "Maybe we shouldn't make this into a movie, ya know. Some things can't be made into a movie and come across exactly the right way. So it was a big struggle for me to go forward. I didn't want to disappoint people. So I was concerned."

She relaxed a bit once Bill Condon came on board as director, but she still plans on being actively involved in the production.

"Still my plan was and still is to be there every day. And so as the producer, I can do that," she adds. "So it's really a lot about being ... in the room. And it's going to be a lot of upheaval in my life, but I felt like it was important. And then also, it's the last one. So I kinda feel like, I'm going to commit to this for this year, I'll get it done, and then I won't do that again."

She's willing to make compromises as long as it works for the film though. For example, in "Eclipse," Angry Edward (Robert Pattinson) emerged, who was different from Edward in the novel. This bothered her, but once she realized the film fans were eating it up, she let it go.

So obviously the big scenes in "Breaking Dawn" that she'll want to oversee are the love scenes and birth scene, since those have to be done just right. Luckily screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg agrees that she wants these scenes to be just as powerful as they are in the novel.

In an On the Red Carpet interview, Rosenberg discusses those scenes, trying to capture Bella's transformation and where "Breaking Dawn Part I" will leave off before getting picked up in "Part II."

"Wow, she says she wants the love and birth scenes as "scintillating," "erotic" and yes, even "horrifying" as they are in the novel. We're still wondering how this can work out and stay clean, or at least PG-13 clean. Producer Wyck Godfrey rejects the idea that -- sex scenes and birth gore included -- the film would be Rated R.

"I'm unwavering in my belief that these will be PG-13 movies," he tells Fearnet. "And really, I say that not because I know what we're shooting but because I feel that they should be. I feel like the audience of the books and the movies, many of them are under 18; my ten-year-old son goes to these movies, I can't make an R-rated conclusion to the franchise."

Lastly, the question of whether "Breaking Dawn" would be 3D comes up again.

"We have considered it, and everything's being discussed, but I know that part of a way to differentiate the two movies would be to have one be in 2D, and when she becomes a vampire we move into 3D," says Godfrey. "But we haven't really gotten far enough to decide what we're going to do. I'm of two minds of it, frankly, and I think everyone is; I don't want to chase the format if it's not organic and appropriate. If we think it is, we will."

Okay, we're happy that Meyer decided to be a full producer, and are okay with Part II being 3D since that would be fun seeing the new Bella's persepctive.

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I loved this! So excited!!! And I think the 2D then 3D idea is genius! Man, now I can't wait. I'm gonna read the book again...