Monday, July 26, 2010

Robert in Minor Car Crash - He's Ok!

Source: Ok! Magazine:

TWILIGHT heartthrob Robert Pattinson had us very worried this weekend after getting himself involved in a car crash.

Twilight Eclipse star Robert Pattinson had a minor crash after leaving a friend's house in Malibu on Saturday night, according to OK! USA.

Eyewitnesses told our US mag that R-Pattz was in a collision with a Kia parked near the driveway at around 9pm.

Luckily everyone's favourite vampire escaped from the incident unscathed.

And even luckier, the owner of the car was a Twilight fan and pretty relaxed about the bump.

He told OK!: “If I had a nice car like a Lexus or something, maybe [I would be concerned], but I’ve got an old Kia.

“I am going to ask Rob next time I see him for free tickets to the next Twilight film."

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