Saturday, September 25, 2010

No 3D for Breaking Dawn

It seems Breaking Dawn is going to stay two-dimensional, and no, we're not talking about the writing or the characters. Summit Entertainment plans to shoot the film in 2D, not 3D, as the current stereoscopic craze would dictate.

“Neither film is being shot in 3D,” a rep from Summit told Gossip Cop, whose investigation into the matter was spurred by recently circulated rumors that the two-part sequel was going to be in 3D. Seeing as how Eclipse capitalized on the popularity of IMAX, the rumors have a strong basis in possibility.

I can hear the disappointment of the fans already... and who doesn't want to see Lautner's pecks or a graphic vampire birth literally jump off the screen? No, sorry Twi-hards, this time the beef and placenta stay where they should. Of course, that is not to say a post-conversion isn't an option...

What do you guys say? Bella and Edward in 3D or not? I mean, Harry Potter is doing it, right?


the duchess said...

I think it should begin in 2D and switch to 3D when Bella finally transitions into a vampire. She describes in the book how her perception totally changes so that'd be perfect! It would sorta be like when Dorothy lands in Oz and her view changes into Technicolor.

karlota said...

2D cost 200 pesos in cebu, philippines while 3D cost 250 pesos..