Friday, January 14, 2011

Kellan's New Breaking Dawn Hangout!


When Kellan isn’t sharpening his vampire teeth, he’s relaxing at his favorite resturant, and it’s clear he’s not going for the food!
Kellan Lutz is livin’ the life! The gorgeous Twilight hunk has been filming Breaking Dawn in Baton Rouge, La., and when he’s not on set and working out with bestie Ashley Greene, he’s getting his flirt on! A source tells that Kellan has been chowing down some southern grub at Walk-Ons quite frequently and we think we know why! It’s because he likes to chit-chat with the pretty waitresses!
Our source reveals that recently Kellan went to Walk-Ons and ordered a chicken tender salad with a double Jack Daniels on the rocks! But before scooting out, the adorable blonde waitresses managed to nab Kellan for a few quick pics!

Now that Kellan is newly single, we wonder if he’ll settle down with a nice Southern belle!

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