Monday, January 24, 2011

Peter Hints at Dancing Vampires in Breaking Dawn

Okay, okay. That headline might be a wee bit misleading. But we're only relaying what Peter Facinelli told us. You see, when we cornered the "Twilight" star at Sunday's Golden Globes and pleaded for some "Breaking Dawn" scoop, Peter had plenty to say about filming the saga's closing moments (Sad! Sniff!), but he also had an unexpected answer as to what fans can expect from director Bill Condon, known for his work on musical films like "Dreamgirls" and "Chicago."

"Lots of dance numbers," Peter said with a laugh. Funny, indeed. Could you picture the story's final showdown re-imagined as a "West Side Story"-esque dance-off? (I bet those Volturi robes would be mad-difficult to bust a move in.)

But in all seriousness, Peter did have many lovely things to say about the man in charge. "We're shooting two at once so it's a little brutal on the hours, but I think we're getting good stuff," he said. "Bill Condon's fantastic. He's just such a great actor's director. He's really collaborative, and he's a joy to work with."

That's all fine and dandy, but would it be too much to ask for a song-and-dance number to be included in the DVD's blooper reel? Pretty please!?


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