Friday, May 27, 2011

New 'Breaking Dawn' Poster


After months of waiting for official ephemera from "Breaking Dawn," the studio finally threw us a bone yesterday: the teaser poster—that one-sheet paper promise of things to come—showed its face at last. And...well. "Anticlimactic" is a fitting word, maybe? But hey, now that we've got our initial reactions out of the way ("What's with the trees?!" "Where are the vampires?!" "Why are there no shirtless Lautners on this poster?!!"), we've moved on to more important questions.

Such as, where does this promising piece of graphic design fit into the oeuvre generale of "Twilight Saga" teasers past? Let's take a look back at 'em.

2008: "Twilight"
The poster that started it all! Robert Pattinson's pale, chiseled profile hovers in the blackness above Kristen Stewart, who looks like a baby, OMG. Those cheeks! So young! Adorbs!

2009: "New Moon"
Nothing could ever come between Bella and Edward... except Taylor Lautner's butt! Which, of course, he presents to the audience as he makes himself a sandwich out of the would-be lovers—keeping the two safely apart and giving us a world-class back view to boot.

2010: "Eclipse"
Oh movie, how you tease us. Instead of showing us the actors we've come to know and love, this poster introduced the whole "floating words over weather phenomenon" trend with the movie's title interposed over...wait for it... an eclipse.

Clearly, the "Breaking Dawn" teaser is taking its cue from that last one—instead of, y'know, actually showing us the characters. But maybe it's a good thing? We can't decide! Which one do YOU like the best?


Cindy said...

I have to go with the one that started it all - Twilight!!!

the duchess said...

I think the smoldering character posters were necessary for the first few movies but now they're not. It also goes to show they don't need the actors' images to successfully promote at this point.