Monday, May 16, 2011

Robert Hopes to Win "MTV's Best Kiss" Again!


Robert Pattinson hopes Twilight fans still think he’s the best kisser of the year and earn him another award for MTV’s Best Kiss at the 2011 Movie Awards!

Rob and Kristen Stewart have won the Best Kiss award for the past two years and the Twilight hunk says he’ll be disappointed if he doesn’t win it again next month.

So what’s Rob’s secret to winning?

“I don’t know. I mean — I thought I won it three times!” Rob told MTV News UK. “Did I win it three? It’s kind of terrifying if you suddenly stop winning it, you’re like ‘Oh God!’”

“It’s almost worse than if you stop winning, like, acting awards or whatever,” the 24-year-old star added. “If you can’t kiss anymore, it’s like, ‘What?! I’m still good at kissing!’”

To that we say: Prove it, Rob!

The past two years we’ve watch Rob and Kristen win, but never kiss on stage! Yes, we’ve seen it in the Twilight films. But if he wins for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse this year we hope he proves to us he’s good at kissing!

We’re dying for Rob and Kristen to have their Notebook moment at the awards! Do you think it’s possible to top?

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