Wednesday, June 8, 2011

MTV: Fans React to Breaking Dawn Trailer

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Let it never be said that the "Twilight" fans don't love their favorite franchise.
MTV News asked Twi-hards worldwide to submit their responses to the "Breaking Dawn" trailer that debuted at the MTV Movie Awards, and they delivered. In wonderfully, enthusiastically hilarious spades. Now the winners have been chosen, and we can take a look at the winning videos that charmed us with their loving responses.

Our number one video came at us from two young ladies in Denmark who posted under the username AgneteFlygerHansen, and it's number one for good reason. We suggest you watch it and see what completely sincere "Twilight" adoration looks like in its purest form.

Several other video reactions made the cut: Sophia from Hawaii's response was not as loud as AgneteFlygerHansen's, but we'd argue it was equally intense. Then there's Jessika from Tennessee, who tried to contain her excitement by screaming silently, and RPad from Michigan, who came the closest to actual tears of all the other sumbitters.

We also checked in with some of the most known "Twilight" fans out there to see what they thought of the trailer, and they were as equally thrilled, albeit more subdued.
"I am blown away. I can't believe they showed as much as they did," Kara Hassell of gushed. "I'm so excited. I didn't think they would hit as many points as they did. I am very pleased with Bill Condon and how he treated it."

"The trailer was fantastic," Kallie Matthews from weighed in. "It had way more than I thought it would, but it still just wasn't quite enough. ... I was so excited that they had Bella pregnant. The fans are excited about that and we got to see it. I am thrilled; can't wait to see the next."

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