Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Robert Did Not Use Body Double in Breaking Dawn

From MTV.co.uk:

After reports claiming Rob was swapped in the sex scene...

A representative for the Twilight Saga has quashed reports that Robert Pattinson, used a body double during the sex scenes for upcoming flick, Breaking Dawn.

US gossip website Hollywood Life reported that R-Pattz could have been swapped for a more hunky actor after stating that it was "a shock to see" Rob's "very muscular, and very ripped back" in the trailer for the fourth vampire movie.

They also claimed that despite being known as a heartthrob, Rob "is not so much known for being the most muscular of guys" hinting that a body double could have been used for the raunchy sex scene with Kristen Stewart.

The site also joked that Taylor Lautner, who is known for being more muscly than Rob, could have "stepped in" for Pattinson.

However, a spokesperson for Summit Entertainment, who makes the Twilight Saga, has rubbished Hollywood Life's claims, telling Gossip Cop: "A body double was NOT used.”

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