Friday, July 1, 2011

Will Breaking Dawn Fans Push Kristen's Sneakers Over the Top?


Kristen Stewart has donated a pair of "lightly used" autographed sneakers to a charity which provides shelter for victims of sexual exploitation. Since sneakers are a big item in the Breaking Dawn star's wardrobe, the signed black Keds are bound to cause a hot bidding war on Shoe Revolt's auction site when they go up on August 1. Fans and Twi-hards, take note! Exactly how they plan to offer the shoes for sale is not yet clear, but interest is already building.

The Shoe Revolt website tweets: "Thanks Kristen Stewart for donating a pair of shoes to Shoe Revolt!" Note: The site sells actual shoes that women can wear, not just collect, and they have everything from boots to sky-high heels. Including sneakers, naturally.

"The ultimate goal," says Hollywood Life, "is to build 51 shelters (one for each state and in D.C.) that will provide housing, mentoring, and counseling services to survivors of sexual exploitation. Sarah Jessica Parker and Zoe Bell have already contributed, among others, but the Kristen Stewart fan base is the biggest yet. This is definitely a positive use of KStew's star power.

Supporters of the site hope it will translate into big bucks for the charity.

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Anonymous said...

I love those shoes! Then again, haha my whole blog is about books and fashion! Right now I'm in Harry Potter, but I'm definitely going to do some Twilight inspired looks!