Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Robert's Guy's Night Out


Robert Pattinson was recently spotted without Kristen Stewart at a Los Angeles hotspot called SoHo House. There was talk that RPattz's enjoyed a truly wild night while KStew worked in England; but now, new information has come out that the gorgeous actor was actually just there with male friends so she need not worry.

A source at the club stated, "Rob came in with friends and there were no girls with them. He was in his own area with his buddies and they didn't really talk to anyone else the whole time. They had beers, some food and ice cream. Rob was dressed very low key and had a hat on."
Perhaps partying with a couple of ordinary guys kept the female groupies from approaching him because another source stated, "I don't think they (Pattinson's friends) were famous — and if they were, they weren't recognizable. They all seemed to be in a really good mood."

It's good to know that after all this time, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been able to maintain a healthy and romantic relationship even when they are apart. Seriously, being able to spend time alone is just as important as spending time together.

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