Saturday, September 17, 2011

Steamy New Posters Have Arrived!


It's true what they say: marriage changes you. Just look at the Twilight Saga's Edward and Bella in the picture above. We'd hardly recognize them. Sure, they're their usual sparkly selves on the just-released poster for the upcoming Breaking Dawn. But now, the duo is shining with the glimmer of true love (also known as the glimmer of a million PhotoShop filters).

Yes, Edward and Bella are clearly married in the shot. (We also suspect, given the composition, that they're also considering a career in romance novel modelling.) But apart from the very touchy-feely pose -- one that screams "I've waited a lifetime for a post-marital snack" -- there's another reason why we're treating the new Breaking Dawn poster as Edward and Bella's first official honeymoon photo. Just check out those ring fingers. And how could you not? With their hands thrust into the front of the shot, these two are showing off bling like they're Kardashians on a talk-show circuit.

Yahoo! Movies was the first to obtain the new poster. And they have another one, too -- though it's marginally less dreamy, even if you've tattooed a series of wolf paws that spell out "Team Jacob" on your butt. Taylor Lautner features in poster No. 2, wearing something especially unusual for his character: clothes. He's also kind of pouting -- probably because his lady-pal Bella is swooning for a Fabio-vampire on the other poster. That and his shirt is probably chafing him.

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