Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jackson Thanks Twilight Facebook Fans


While Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are off shooting their wedding scenes for the next Twilight installment, Breaking Dawn, co-star Jackson Rathbone took to Youtube to thank fans of the novel and film franchise for pushing 'The Twilight Saga' Facebook page past 25 million likes.

That's right; the Twilight Facebook fan page has crossed the 25 million mark, and since Rathbone's Youtube message of gratitude, the page has jumped another 21,000. To give you a little perspective on just how big that number is, there are more people who "like" the Twilight page than there are living in the state (not just city) of New York. If every Facebook fan sees Breaking Dawn on opening weekend at $10 a ticket, the film will set the box office record, topping the other fantasy franchise giant, Harry Potter, by almost $100 million. No wonder Rathbone took the time to give a shout out to the fans.

There's no telling how many more millions of people will join the party before Breaking Dawn hits theaters November 18th. For now, check out Jackson Rathbone (in full Jasper make-up and constuming) giving a much deserved thanks to Twilight's hardcore fanbase.

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