Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kristen Calls Taylor a "Puppy"


Kristen Stewart obviously doesn't see Taylor Lautner as a sex symbol. (Probably because she's got Robert Pattinson as a boyfriend!) The Twilight actress recently refered to her co-star as a "puppy."

Kristen Stewart compared Taylor Lautner to a playful animal, because of his antics on set. "He's literally like a puppy. There is a lot of downtime on set. I'd throw food in his mouth," she said.

"Taylor is like one of those wind-up toys. You put 20 cents in, and he runs around. Then he crashes. At lunch, he has a Red Bull, and he's back up. When I hear him talk about girls it's like, Awww," KStew said.

It seems that Kristen and Taylor have a brother and sister type relationship. While many young women around the world see Lautner as one of the hottest hunks in Hollywood, KStew is seemingly in the friend zone with the Abduction star.

Thankfully, Kristen Stewart isn't stuck in a real-life love triangle with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. It seems they leave that drama on-screen for Bella, Edward, and Jacob to deal with.

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