Friday, November 7, 2008

Chance to win a Twilight prize pack!

Remember all those times you sat in English class thinking to yourself, "Why is this class even necessary, who cares about these stupid poems anyway? I'm not planning on becoming a poet!"? Well now's the chance to put your writing skills to good use. I found on Fanpop today (thanks Rachel), a chance to win a Twilight prize package. All you have to do is create and submit your very own original Twilight haiku for a chance to win. In case you're a little rusty on those writing skills, a haiku is a poem made up of just 3 lines- the first and third having five syllables and the second having seven. They don't have to rhyme, just be creative. The grand prize winner has a chance to get these fantastic prizes:
***Twilight Movie illustrated companion book
***Twilight soundtrack (cd)
***Twilight one sheet
***Twilight in paperback
So grab a pencil and paper, and start brainstorming. Good luck to everyone who enters. Click here for the link to the fanpop page to submit your haiku. :)


hoLLy said...

i'm so going to win. :)

Cindy said...

I'm so NOT going to win :( (That's definitely not my strong point)

Moon Devious said...

No, Holly, you're not going to win. I am! Muahahaha!

Patty said...

I know I won't. I'm not good at that kind of thing!!

Cindy said...

Have you seen the new "little" paperbacks??? They are so cute. I may buy one for a prize at my Twilight Party!!!