Thursday, November 6, 2008

Twilight Movie Tickets

Advance tickets are now on Sale!!! You can purchase them on or

I just purchased my tickets and realized that the theater I originally wanted to go to was already sold out of the midnight showing, so I had to go elsewhere. If you want to see Twilight at midnight, I advise you get your tickets ASAP.


Tara D said...

I remember when the movie seemed so far away. Can you believe it's only weeks away?!? I can't wait for the movie, and the movie party. We are going to partay the night away, Cindy-lou

Cindy said...

I know ~ I'm so excited!! I'm making big plans. It will be an awesome partay!!

Patty said...

I've got my midnight ticket!! I got my Twilight shirt and soundtrack today. I'm ready for premiere night!!

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