Thursday, November 6, 2008

Robert Pattinson Talks about Edward

Robert talks a little bit about Edward ~ from

"I do eventually want to play a normal person," said Pattinson with a slight chuckle. "Anything I do after this will be so different."
But the role of Edward Cullen jumps leaps and bounds over the portrayal of Diggory, not only in the size of the role but also in the complexity of the character.
The general essence of Cullen's character can be a difficult one to pinpoint.
"It's his fundamental effect on people," said Pattinson. "It's constantly talked about in the book how when he walks into a room there's this kind of silence. There's such an elemental attraction and fear which he emanates all the time. It's almost impossible to think of how to actually do it and that's why I was initially reluctant to do the part."
Cullen has a certain essence about him, said Pattinson. "The good thing about his character is the kind of enigmatic mystery. No one really knows what he's thinking or doing, and that's much more fun to play than making it explicitly clear."
"The hardest thing was to be scary, because he's supposed to be scary in a lot of places during the book and when you're trying to be pretty and scary at the same time, it's quite tough."
The love between Cullen and Swan is epic and deep, and completely essential to both characters.
"I definitely tried to think about why the relationship would work in reality," said Pattinson. "It's a guy who has nothing going for him. He's denying his basic instincts and he's living in this kind of purgatory where he just wants to be human again or die. And he meets this girl who makes him feel alive again and gives him a reason to live.
"It's very obvious where his desperate need and love for her comes from."


hoLLy said...

i love that picture of him. lookin good mr. edward:)

Patty said...

I agree Holly, it is a good picture of him. Hey, has anyone seen twilight topsites lately? We are now 25!!

Jo said...

Wow, i love this website! its absalutely fantastic! This article and picture of him are excellent!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wasn't sure if I liked him as Edward, but he seems to understand the character pretty well. :) I can't wait for the movie! And that picture of him is so much better than the Entertainment Weekly photo.

Tara D said...

He is so sexy! I loooooooovvveee him.

Simeranian and Vampire Goddess said...

You know you are addited when you r supposed to take a shower and you take one but... you take the book with you and read it in the shower with it in a ziploc bag lol thats what i did and it worked our well god i love Edward when he laughs it really makes you want to be bella.