Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Robert Pattinson - BBC Newsbeat Article

Robert answers BBC Newsbeat's questions. For full article, click here

There are stories in the papers about a multi-million pound deal for appearing in the rest of the Twilight series. Are they true?
I read some gossip thing saying, because I looked really uncomfortable in a paparazzi photo or something, they're like, 'He should get used to it. That's the price to pay if you're getting $12m (£8.1m) a movie'. If I'm getting paid $12m a movie I'd walk around naked. That's all nonsense. I don't know who makes that stuff up. Even the price for the first one was nonsense.

Are you doing the next two films?
I went into it doing it as a trilogy. They're shooting the second one in March. I'm not really in it that much in the second one. The lead character is somebody else, which is another reason why I'm not being paid $12m. I've got two scenes.

Did you ever imagine that girls would be obsessed with your hair?
That's the weirdest thing ever. I don't get that at all. It's really strange.

A lot of the gossip websites seem to have an obsession with you as well, don't they?
I think someone follows me. They do the most random stuff. I get a photo taken through a burger drive-through window and it's like, 'What?'. They always seem like they're six feet away. I don't understand. I'm walking around and I don't see anybody.


Tara D said...

In the drive thru, genius! I need to move to where he lives that way I can hide out in bushes too. lol

Moon Devious said...

Lmao, I love your comment, Tara! I think I'll come with you. Check out that picture, oh my goodness.

Cindy said...

I'm not above hiding in bushes. Since he doesn't really like attention, we'd be doing him a favor....lol