Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Robert Pattinson - A Mommy's Boy?

Young Robert Pattinson; isn't he cute?

Interview with Ryan Seacrest about Robert's family


Letters to Twilight said...

young rob is so cute! old rob is SO BEAUTIFUL!
love the site! thanks for letting me know the temp in Forks! HA!!

Tara D said...

He looks like a little trouble maker, doesn't he? A mischievious little lad, lol.

Clare, 15 years young said...

omg i love Twilight and Edward Cullen, i've been obsessed since my easter holidays!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait untill New Moon!!!!
I love you Stephenie Meyer, thanks for being born and Kirsten Stewert and Robert Pattinson!!!! <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx