Thursday, December 11, 2008

'Twilight' Director Catherine Hardwicke Reveals DVD Details
By Larry Carroll
Dec 11 2008

Before her exit from the series, Hardwicke told MTV News about her giggly commentary, deleted scenes and more.
SANTA MONICA, California — These days, "Twilight" fans are so freaked out that you'd think James the nomad was on to their scent.
Even though their beloved vampire film keeps taking in big bucks at the box office, director Catherine Hardwicke has been yanked off the sequels, and names of potential successors are jumping around faster than Edward Cullen on a deer hunt.
As the future of the franchise hangs in the balance, and the fanbase splinters into various camps, we've set aside some cool news that should hopefully return a smile to the faces of Stephenie Meyer fans. It's part three of what would become Hardwicke's last in-depth interview as the "Twilight" captain. Following on the heels of her discussing record-setting box-office numbers and "New Moon" hopes, we bring you brand-new details about Hardwicke's final "Twilight" effort: the much-anticipated DVD.

Click on Photo to see entire MTV article and Catherine Hardwicke interview.


Moon Devious said...

Oh wow, I can't wait for the dvd to come out!

Cindy said...

Can't wait for Valentines!!! It's not too far away. Now maybe I can finally watch the movie without a bunch of giggling girls :-)

J-Ri said...

Nice site. I must say, it's the most 'detailed' I've seen. :)