Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rob's Dream Job

New Moon actor Robert Pattinson has admitted his 'dream job' was to be a musician.

The 23-year-old star plays the role of dreamy vampire Edward Cullen in the hit Twilight Saga but said that music is his first passion.

He said to UK magazine Company: 'The acting thing happened by accident, a fluke. What I wanted to be was a musician, and play the piano in bars. I wanted to go to Nice and play on the beach in a tuxedo.

'I thought that was cool. It's such a romantic idea. All you have is your one tuxedo [laughs]. That was my dream job growing up. I haven't written any songs for a while though.'

The actor, who is rumoured to be dating his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart (side note from OTC ~ which we believe to be false!!), was asked what is still in his room at his parents' house.

He said: 'What does it have in it? I think I had a poster of Kate Moss in there. I had posters of Linda Blair [from The Exorcist] and Kate Moss!'


What do you think of Rob's music? Should he pursue it or just keep his day job ~ or do both?


Anonymous said...

He should do both! I like the 2 songs that were used in Twilight; Never Think and Let me Sign.
His voice is.. umm I don't know,
kinda sexy or something, haha ;) .

Anonymous said...

totally both! he is good at bpth jobs!! whos edward whithout rob!

emmy said...

BOTH!!!!Hes a wonderful singer and a really good actor!!!!

p.s i agree with anonymous#1 his voice is sexy!!!:)lol!

Little Lovables said...

love his music, even his "early songs" from his old myspace page a while back.

and acting too, of course

janmaris said...

I believe both would be awesome. Of course, he could never let go of his sparkling alter ego and he is just such a wonderful guitarist. I'm not that big a Rob fan (I stand by Taylor) but I bet he wouldn't look half bad lying on the beach with a guitar and a tuxedo.

Sarah Lautner...his soon to be girlfriend/wife said...

Rob is hot and all but Taylor is HOT!!