Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Little "Twilight" for Oscar Night


Waaaay back at the beginning of Oscar season, when the Bagger was green – greener – and Adam Shankman was just a choreographer-turned-newbie Oscar producer, not one-half of the Academy’s most famous odd couple, he suggested on Twitter that people like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart might be a part of the show.

The reaction, of course, was mixed, with equal parts online shrieking from “Twilight” fans and digital bemoaning from more reserved Oscar-watchers, who worried that the gravitas of the occasion would be undermined in some kind of shrieky, tweeny ratings-grab.

Well, guess who won?

R. Patz is still a no-show, but Ms. Stewart and her “Twilight” co-star Taylor Lautner, as well as Miley Cyrus and Zac Efron, will all be presenters on the show, the Academy announced earlier this week. (Ms. Cyrus and Mr. Efron have attended before; Ms. Cyrus was even involved with a nominated film, “Bolt,” in 2008.).......

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