Saturday, October 23, 2010

Breaking Dawn Source: Sexy Stuff is "Dead On"

From EOnline!

The Twilight gang has taken over New Orleans, with Breaking Dawn filming set to start in about two weeks. And while Marc Malkin has told you all how "intense" that birthing scene is going to be, we're dying to know about the sex stuff!

Aren't you?

One of our New Orleans sources got their hands on the script, since the cast is in preproduction. So naturally we needed to know if that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, er, Edward and Bella, sex scene is going to be all that hot:

"It's dead on with the book," our source says of Melissa Rosenberg's script. "In fact, there is a little more sex in the movie, and more sexual dialogue. The script is actually good. Really good."

Too deelish! If you need a refresher, Rob and Kristen's characters finally get it on during their honeymoon, and it's pretty rough (for lack of a classier word).

"The script has a pretty sexual tone with a lot of the characters this time around, not just Edward and Bella."

Do tell!

"There is obviously a big emotional factor in how it's written," emphasizes our source. "Still—a lot of this will be left up to Bill Condon to decide how to portray it."

Now that, Twi-hards, is a great thing. Take Gods and Monsters—that is an incredibly sexual film without seeing too much. And apparently we will see something in Breaking Dawn!

We have a feeling Condon will keep the sex scenes (he better!) and make it even more hot on the big screen.

"Remember, the most important thing above everything else is the rating," 'fesses our insider. "We have to keep that in mind. It's essential."

Melissa Rosenberg has told us she thinks Breaking Dawn can get "awfully sexy" with a PG-13 rating, and we'll take what we can get.

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