Saturday, October 2, 2010

Robert's New Bushy Beard ~ Love It or Hate It!

From Katherine Kluznik Rentmeester at

Things have been getting hairy in Hollywood for awhile now, with stars like Brad Pitt, Jon Hamm and Zac Efron sprouting a new crop of facial hair. And Robert Pattinson, it seems, is next to ditch the razor. The star was snapped at LAX Tuesday debuting a scruffy new mountain man look that left him almost unrecognizable as the same shimmer-skinned vampire that he played in Twilight. We’re not sure how we feel seeing Rob take this werewolf-like transformation, but we’re fascinated to see the star give himself such an unexpected makeover. We want to know what you think. Should Robert keep growing his beard or get his electric razor buzzing?

We here at OTC say: SHAVE IT!!!!!


the duchess said...

SHAVE IT. He looks like crazy Jaquin Pheonix.

Bry said...

hopefully it's for a movie role...shave it Rob!

Kira said...

Keep it, especially if you like it, Rob!