Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Breaking Dawn - First Look at Volturi


It's because we said we are almost more excited for "Water for Elephants" than we are for "Breaking Dawn," isn't it? Or maybe these awesome new set photos are an early Christmas present from Summit Entertainment? To be perfectly honest, it doesn't matter what the reason, we're just thrilled to get our first glimpse of the Volturi on the set of "Breaking Dawn"!

Dakota Fanning is getting some final touch ups on her make-up in this first photo, while Christopher Heyerdahl shows off his luscious locks and Jamie Campbell Bower looks on approvingly from the sidelines. In the second photo (after the jump), Michael Sheen looks a bit nervous as he reprises his role as Volturi head honcho. Maybe it's because he knew we missed him so much in "Eclipse"? Regardless, it's good to see the fam back together!

We're kind of curious about what scene the Volturi could be filming so early in production? After all, "Breaking Dawn" is going to have a pretty long shoot since they're filming both parts of the movie back-to-back. Either director Bill Condon has decided to film the final "fight" sequence really early in the production process, or the Volturi are going to have a couple extra scenes than they did in the book. We already heard rumors that Alice is going to have a vision of the fight scene, and we'll see that, but maybe there are going to be some shots of the Volturi when they find out about Bella and Edward's baby to add some continuity to the films and amp up the suspense? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

These aren't the first pictures we've seen from the set of "Breaking Dawn," of course. Last month we saw Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart filming Edward and Bella's honeymoon, being all adorable and smooching in public. And then there was the first official photo released of the film showing the infamous feather scene. Who's counting down the days until November 18?

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