Friday, December 3, 2010

Eclipse DVD - Comes out Tomorrow!

You know you want it. Its the Twilight Saga: Eclipse on DVD. Its coming to stores virtual and otherwise December 4th. That’s this Saturday! We have the skinny on the special features and right now you can preview an incredible behind the scenes video revealing how they shot “Bella and the Wolf”! Its one of the many bonuses to buying and it comes thanks to Yahoo! movies. Don’t forget to find a DVD release party near you! The movie will also be available to fans on Blu-Ray. And don’t miss the fab trio reflecting on Eclipse.


ladycathead said...

I loved that moment with Bella and Jacob. The fur and the mass of the wolf body on screen looked very convincing to me, especially when Bella leaned into him. Thanks for sharing that! I rented the DVD from Redbox tonight but of course it's only a plain one with no special features.

em said...

woohoooo! the special feature are amazing! just like the movie...:) i really liked the extended scenes and "taylor time" haha!