Monday, December 6, 2010

Which Twilight Vampire Wants His Own Spinoff Flick?


Anyone up for some more Twilight flicks after the franchise's last installment Breaking Dawn?

It could happen if one of the film's stars gets their way. In fact, a certain member of the Cullen clan already has a name picked out for their very own spinoff...

"The Emmett Chronicles!" Kellan Lutz told us last night at the Hollywood premiere of his film Meskada when asked about adding to the Twilight series.
"Sure, why not?" he says. "I would love to have dialogue more than one-liners. That would be amazing! Emmett really has a great side story. Just his whole upbringing and how he got turned into a vampire and his whole grizzly bear attack and how Rosalie saved him. It would be nice to see a spin[off]."

Attention Nikki Reed: Lutz wants you to join him as onscreen love interest Rosalie Hale for some extra-steamy R-rated scenes.

"You see Rosalie and Emmett go into a shack and have monkey madness fun," adds the 25-year-old. "I mean, there could be some great moments for the older fans."

Sounds pretty sexy to us!

One thing the actor won't miss when all the Twilight films are over? The pasty white complexion he rocks in the vampire series.

"I cannot wait to get a freaking tan!" Lutz laughed. "I just want to go to an island and get a real tan. The whole black and pale skin just does not work."

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