Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"The Host" Movie Update!!


We haven't heard much about the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's other best-selling novel "The Host" since the screen rights were purchased way back in September 2009. (In case you missed it, we cast the leading roles of Melanie/Wanda, Jared and Ian just for funsies.) Well, it now appears the production process is gaining steam as a director has just been announced!

Variety is reporting that "Nanny McPhee Returns" director Susanna White will helm the film written by Andrew Niccol ("The Truman Show"). "The Host" will be just the second feature-length film Susanna will have directed, though she has plenty of TV movie and series experience. Not to mention, "Nanny" had its fair share of special effects, meaning she's likely up for the task of directing a supernatural thriller. With a director in place, it looks like the task of assembling a winning cast can't be too far behind.

For the uninitiated, "The Host" takes place on a post-alien-invasion Earth, in which extra-terrestrials takeover and inhabit human bodies. When Wanderer (also known as Wanda) takes over Melanie's body, she realizes the human isn't quite ready to give up her headspace. And, yes, there's a love triangle. (It wouldn't be a Stephenie Meyer special without one, amiright?)

Though we doubt "The Host" will be as all-consuming a worldwide phenomenon as "Twilight," anything with Stephenie Meyer's name attached is bound to do well at the box office, and we're interested to see how the two film properties will compare.

Are you excited that "The Host" finally has a director?


Nyasia said...

OMG i can't wait!! Haha i was sooo obsessed with that book so i hope they do a good job :)

Anonymous said...

Of Course I really like the book so i hope they do a great job

Anonymous said...

I loved the book! I hoped they do a good job on the movie too :D Can't wait!