Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kristen Burst Blood Vessels While Making Breaking Dawn


Kristen Stewart and the rest of the Twilight gang revealed a few more of the "gruesome" details about the filming of Breaking Dawn at Comic-Con live interview panels. While they promise the birth scene in the movie is not as grotesque as the original rendition in the novel, Kristen had a succinct comment: "It was hell, actually. It really was pretty brutal," reports Irish Central.

Though she told fans the scene was "tones down" from the book, Kristen Stewart admits she popped a few blood vessels in her eyes, rolling them back in her head to indicate the depth of her agony. And on the subject of blood, the actors said there will be no coughing up of blood—which opens the birth scene in the book. Bella, who is pretty much living on donated red stuff at that point—sorry, if that's a spoiler—barfs up her last meal all over the white sofa.

Can anyone imagine a film director passing up a moment so graphic? Generally, films up the tempo of the novel they are working with, but Breaking Dawn was pretty gruesome to start with. They didn't want to scare away younger viewers.

Most important, Kristen Stewart and the other actors revealed that the scene is developed through Bella's eyes. As readers know, Bella is trying not to let her beloved Edward know just how much pain she is in, as that might upset him. Poor Edward. And of course, Edward and Jacob are working together, in the hopeless-appearing task of keeping Bella from becoming actually dead, as opposed to the merely undead she is hoping for.

The whole thing is complex and confusing, but it's good to know Kristen Stewart will be an active part of the scene. Maybe the camera crew captured those real burst blood vessels, as a part of the sequence where her eyes turn vampire red. Stay tuned.

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