Monday, August 15, 2011

Kristen Drops Grunge for Glamorous Photoshoot


She's garnered a legion of teenage fans playing fresh-faced Bella Swan in the Twilight franchise.

But Kristen Stewart is almost unrecognisable here posing in a new ultra glamorous photoshoot for a high-end fashion magazine.

The 21-year-old puts on her best moody face in the pictures - something Kristen is quite adept at. But with her alluring dramatic eye make-up and Sixties-style bouffant hair, Stewart brings a certain sexiness to her sullen stares.

Entertainment Tonight has revealed a sneak peek of Kristen's W spread - and the results speak for themselves.

The actress transforms from teenage dream to credible fashionista, lounging around seductively in leather and fur.

All in all, Stewart strikes a rather more grown up tone, taking a bold step away from her Twilight persona.

Kristen is currently filming Snow White and the Huntsman in London - and was this week forced to halt filming on the movie because of the riots.

Along with her Australian co-star Chris Hemsworth, Stewart was said to be under the protection of six police officers as the streets of London were gripped by outbreaks of violence, destruction and widespread looting.

They were instructed to stay in the rural areas and away from central London, according to U.S. reports.

Meanwhile, Kristen - along with her boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson -grave this week's cover of Entertainment Weekly.

The couple are seen wallowing in a pool and locked in a tight embrace and revealing details of the upcoming Breaking Dawn: Part One, which is released in November.

Co-star Boo Boo Stewart - no relation to Kristen - says the wedding scene in Breaking Dawn is 'really touching'.

In the upcoming movie Stewart and Pattinson's characters Bella and Edward walk down the aisle and Boo Boo, who plays werewolf Seth Clearwater, revealed what happened during filming.

He said to Us Weekly: 'It was weird. I was sitting there and I was like: 'This is actually really touching.'

'I think [Billy Burke] made that scene really great because he had to walk her down the aisle, and I think he really did a great job.'

Speaking about Stewart and Pattinson, he added: 'Since I've met them, for the past two years, they're exactly the same.

'It's not like I get to hang out with them all the time, but every time I've been with them, it doesn't matter how crazy the situation is, they're always so laid-back.'

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