Thursday, September 10, 2009

Twilight in Forks

MTV has the latest about the documentary Twilight In Forks, including their special screening in Forks this upcoming weekend:

"We're pleased to announce that we're doing a sneak peek of our film 'Twilight in Forks' in Forks itself at Forks High School on Stephenie Meyer Day — which coincides with Bella's birthday — in the city of Forks," producer York Baur exlpained. "Last year, there were over a thousand fans that came to town for Stephenie Meyer Day, and we expect — given that there have already been 16,000 people that came to Forks just in the month of July alone — that there might be a pretty good turnout for Stephenie Meyer Day, and hopefully for our sneak peek." The small logging town, whose population hovers around a mere 3,000 people, has become a Disneyland for Twilighters ever since Meyer selected it as the hometown for such characters as Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black. Continuing to embrace its newfound notoriety, the town will host Stephenie Meyer Day 2009 on Saturday and Sunday, and it seems only appropriate that a film about the book series' relationship with Forks would host its first screening of select footage there on a first-come, first-serve basis Saturday at the very real Forks High. And to give fans another little taste of what they'll see this weekend — or next month in their home — Baur and director Jason Brown brought along another teaser trailer to unveil with their announcement. "This will give you a little taste of some of the actual real people of Forks," Brown explained. "And what their impression of vampires and werewolves are in and around the town." One of the filmmaker's favorite locals was a gentleman who is helping to keep the region's logging community alive — and is far from your typical "Twilight" fan. "There's a fellow that works in a mill there," Brown explained. "Forks has a big logging community and with Shake Mill, where this fellow works, he has spent some time in the woods as a logger. So, we asked him about vampires and werewolves and we talked about recent Forks High School graduates." "You'll get three categories," Bauer said of the nature of their film, looking forward to unveiling much of it this weekend for the first time. "You get a sense of the beauty of Forks, you get a sense of some of the fantasy that has pervaded reality, and then of course you get the reality."
Read the entire article here. I love the music to these trailers. I really hope the music is in the documentary, it makes me want to watch it. Are you going to watch the documentary Twilight In Forks? ...
VIA Twilighters Anonymous
BTW, there are two different clips to this video, and they run back to back.

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Patty LouAnn said...

I bet if they looked better, they'd find some vampires. They're there alright, I just know it. Probably relatives of Carlisle or something...