Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ashley at Golden Globes Style Lounge with Dog

Twilight’s Ashley Greene seen at ‘Golden Globes’ style lounge with dog. The beautiful Ashley Greene who plays Alice Cullen in the very popular Twilight,New Moon, and Eclipse movies, was spotted at the “Golden Globes” style lounge two days ago with her dog named, Marlow.

The “Golden Globe” Awards are scheduled to air tonight on NBC. Ashley’s Twilight co-star, Taylor Lautner is scheduled to appear there to present an award. Also, Ashley is going to be a little busy with another film project in 2010. She’s going to be shooting a new horror flick called the ” The Apparition” with Gossip Girl actor Sebastian Stan. He plays character, Carter Baizen on the popular Gossip Girl show.

“The Apparition” sounds like it will be a pretty interesting movie. And of course, we all know she’ll be busy promoting “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” with the rest of her co-stars for its June 30,2010 release date. Ashley also recently displayed her gorgeous figure in a skinsuit shoot for Sobe Lifewater,which will appear in Sports Illustrated Magazine’s Swimsuit issue this year.


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