Sunday, January 10, 2010

MTV Germany's Interview with Ashley, Daniel & Charlie

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MTV Germany has new/old interviews with New Moon-ers Ashley Greene (aka Alice Cullen), Daniel Cudmore (aka Felix) and Charlie Bewley (aka Demetri) during the New Moon Promotional Tour.

Here is the list of questions for the first video -

Guys, you’re new, introduce yourselves to us
How was it to work with so many new co-stars?
How do you deal with all the hype?
Is this the reason why you became an actor?
Would you like being a heartthrob like Rob Pattinson?
How did you prepare for your role?
List of questions from Part 2 of the interview -

What is harder to play: a human being or a vampire?
What is the main difference between both movies?
Are the Robert and Kristen rumors true?
In what kind of movies would you like to take a role?
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Little Lovables said...

very cool, shocked you haven't put up ashley's sobe ad yet ;)