Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eclipse Trailer - What's Missing?

From / Larry Carroll:

By now, you've spent more time watching the new "Eclipse" trailer Thursday (March 11) than you have being outside. As the Wii would tell you: Take a break and enjoy the sunshine, pal.

But here's something to contemplate before you enjoy that fresh air: a list of five awesome "Eclipse" elements we don't see in the new trailer. Have they been omitted from the June 30 film? Are they just being kept secret? Read on, then let us know which other key scenes you wish the trailer had revealed.

Jasper's History
In "Eclipse," Bella discovers that Jasper has scars all over his arms from vampire bites — setting off an eagerly anticipated flashback that will likely serve as Jackson Rathbone's meatiest scenes in the series. The novel depicts Jasper weaving a wild story of Southern vampires who come out at night to do battle, a young vampire named Benito and his own history as a confederate soldier in Houston. Depending on how thorough Slade decides to be, the flashback could include his first meeting with Alice, old encounters with the Volturi and, of course, Maria (Catalina Sandino Moreno), the woman who turned him.

"Twilight": The College Years
In a particularly intriguing series of moments early in Stephenie Meyer's novel, Edward and Bella rendezvous in her room late at night for an evening of hot-and-heavy ... college-brochure reading. The duo speak hesitantly about their future together, planning a life at Alaska University that could keep them together while Bella continues her education; Charlie, natch, ain't down with that plan. Although it's a minor plot point, the scene should give Kristen and Rob a unique moment to have some fun and show the bond between the two characters; let's just hope Slade deemed it worthy for inclusion in the finished film.

Jacob's Long and Winding Road
Take a look at Taylor Lautner in the trailer, and it seems like he could just as easily be doing scenes from "New Moon" — he's trying to win Bella's heart, he's conflicted, he has no shirt, etc. But in "Eclipse," so much more happens to Jake. Most significantly, he shares a crucial kiss with Bella; in the battle with the newborns, he is badly wounded; and after Jake learns of Bella's plans to take her relationship with the vampire to the next level, he is arguably wounded even more thoroughly. Suffice it to say, Taycob will not be having a good time when we see him onscreen in June.

The Graduation
An extremely pivotal scene for Bella, who is beginning her "transformation." The moment is very important in the "Twilight Saga" universe, and all eyes are eager to glimpse it. When, oh when, will we see Bella in that cap and gown?

The Tent Scene
Bella and Edward are hiding out in the forest, and the weather becomes unbearable for Bella's human body to withstand — so guess who's there to warm her up? Jacob! This is the scene everyone is talking about. In fact, even Taylor Lautner himself has said he couldn't wait for this steamy sleeping-bag take.

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