Friday, March 26, 2010

Waxed Robert Meets His Fans!

Thursday 25th March – We sparked a fan frenzy today as a brand new wax figure of Hollywood’s hottest young actor, Robert Pattinson joined the A-List to the approval of his adoring fans.

Residing in a specially created VIP section of our A-List party area, the British born star’s figure mirrors his rugged style with an open collared shirt and skinny trousers, trademark sultry expression and tousled hair. To mark his debut a group of his most ardent fans were invited to be the first to step into his exclusive VIP room and “meet” their hero.

“The figure looks really great! Just like him – his hair is spot on.” Said Katie Sear, 23 from Luton. She continued: “It’s amazing, almost like meeting the real thing! I’m sure people are going to love it; he is just gorgeous!”

Liz Edwards, our spokesperson said: “R-Pattz is one of the hottest celebs on the planet. We are delighted to be able to give them the chance to cosy up with their idol here at Madame Tussauds and judging by the reactions of the first to meet him here this morning he is set to top our “most kissed list of celebrities very quickly!”

Come and see him for yourself! Book your tickets now at Madam


Anonymous said...

bit creepy, but... i would totally comission a copy of that and lovingly place it in my room!!! you know, since stalking isn't allowed.... :P just joking.

Anonymous said...

im sorry but a fakE RP freaks me out....n u cnt rlly make a riplica of his unbelieabley sexinesss!!!!!!