Saturday, May 22, 2010

Eclipse Clips Have Arrived!


Alright Twilighters, we've seen these clips premiere on TV, but we haven't had yet them (in non-bootleg form that is!) to play over and over again in the comfort of our own homes and Edward-postered bedrooms.

The first, which we first saw on "Oprah" last week, shows Edward (Robert Pattinson) fired up at Jacob (Taylor Lautner) in the moments after Jacob kisses Bella (Kristen Stewart) for the first time and she punches him in response. Luckily for the frantic teen, her dad (Billy Burke) interrupts just in time.

After the jump, check out a clip starring Nikki Reed!

The second new clip, which premiered on "Ellen" this past Tuesday, takes us to an significant moment between Rosalie and Bella — when the ice queen finally lets down her guard down. "I don't hate you…. Bella, I envy you," Rosalie says. "You have a choice, I didn't. None of us did, but you do, and you're choosing wrong."

Which of these two clips makes you more excited to see "Eclipse"? Or are they equal on your anticipation meter?


Anonymous said...

Wow...I think they may have gotten all of the key points in this movie that are in the the book from what I have seen......So excited!!

giggialorenzi said...

The second one... I'm really curious to see the flashbacks of Rose's human life!

Twilight guy said...

so excited!!

Florentina said...

both are really amazing!!! Can't wait :)


Jennifer said...

I'm so excited! Looks really Good!

Erin said...

Thye are both equal! OMG i am so excited about the movie....i cant wait!!!!!!!!

nyasia said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh so excited!!!!
I love Edward when he's mad!! haha both clips are making me soooo excited!!