Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Twilight on Oprah Tomorrow, 5/13!!!! Be Sure and Set your DVRs!!!


Is the "Twilight/Oprah" day here yet?

Check out the preview of the Thursday, May 13 episode of "Oprah" in which Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Dakota Fanning stop by to promote their new film "Eclipse" and give some fans the thrill of a lifetime.

We already know a few things that will be discussed, like R-Patz's surprise visit to the Twihard family and his joking that Kristen is pregnant.

But we were also pleased to learn that Taylor gets to surprise his own set of fans, which are naturally a bunch of screaming girls. Hmm, we wonder if there was extra security necessary for him to keep his shirt on?

The part we found the most interesting about the preview was that last line: "Why grown women say this has revved up their love life."

Whoa, hold on there. We haven't heard that. We're not entirely surprised, but we definitely wonder what exactly that involves.

Is it as simple as watching/reading the "Twilight" series together and getting caught up in the romance? Is there role-playing involved? Or perhaps the addition of a Robert Pattinson body pillow? We think Oprah could do an entire episode about this and have Dr. Laura Berman weigh in.

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