Friday, March 25, 2011

Bye, Bye Swan House


The white frame movie set house was located on 28th ave between 188th Ave and 184th Ave. It sat on Kerry Park for about six weeks. They used the location house for one day and two scenes. The front of the house was decorated for Christmas. I have deduced the scene included Bella as a Vampire, Charlie Swan and little Renesmee. Bella brings Renesmee over for Christmas. The second scene included Emmett, Jasper and Edward. Emmett and Jasper arrive at the Swan house to pick up Edward for the Bach party. I am really just putting pieces together to arrive at my conclusion based on the house set up and the cast that were in Vancouver on that Friday for filming. That and the stunts I filmed a few days earlier. Check my archives for the footage.

Today the deconstruction began and it will never be built again. It took three weeks to build and a few days to take down. It will be put in safe storage somewhere in the event that Stephanie Meyers ever finishes Midnight Sun and that book is made into a movie. Let's lobby Stephanie to finish the final book and make one more Saga Movie.

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