Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rob & Kristen Show Off Their "Parenting Skills" on Breaking Dawn Set


Every couple has their own way to parent, even if the child in question is half vampire.

And since we all know our fave Twilight couple will give birth to Renesmee in the final installment of Breaking Dawn, we began wondering how the new youngster fits in with the Breaking Dawn bunch.

Turns out, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have already done some practice parenting on set.

Rob and Kris are on their best behavior around 10-year-old costar Mackenzie Foy, and they even set up a monetary penalty for cussing in front of their love child!

"[Mackenzie] is really cool, she's really smart," Rob told MTV of his onscreen daughter. "She's earned a lot of money out of us swearing around her."

As we told you back when the cast was in Baton Rouge, Kristen swore like a sailor every time the gal flubbed her lines.

It seems that Rob concurs…and he even dishes on Kristen's dirty mouth:

"I do it by accident. And especially Kristen [Stewart] does it by accident because she apologizes with a swear. She's like, ‘Oh s--t, aaugh!' and she just can't stop [swearing] for about 15 minutes."

Guess that rumor shouldn't have been "debunked" after all.

So how does Mackenzie react when mama Kris curses?

"[Mackenzie] just waits there [with her hand out]," R.Pattz explains, as he gushes about his two leading ladies.

What an adorable family you and Kristen have created on set, Rob!

We can totally tell how much you heart the beauty, and we think it's great how hard you both are trying to set an example for the youngster.

Keep up the good parenting, Robsten!

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