Friday, March 4, 2011

Possible Older Renesmee?????


Get this girl an IMDB page stat.

With the final "Twilight" movie(s) in production in Vancouver, it's time to tie up those last few casting loose ends. Including that of Bella and Edward's growth spurt prone daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy will play her as a child).

According to the latest round of rumors, Christie Burke has been added to the list. Who is Christie Burke? Well, if you like gum you may have seen her Wrigley's commercial (And, yes, we're hunting for it. Will post when/if it's found). Other than that, she hasn't done much.

Although we are proud to say that we're among the handful of people who saw her guest turn on Cartoon Network's live action series "Tower Prep." And, as we recall, she did make a favorable impression on us at the time.

But if speculation holds true that her role will be limited to a flash forward montage, chances are she's not exactly going to need any great acting ability. Just looking the part should be enough. Half Kristen Stewart, half Robert Pattinson. The job requirements could be worse.

Since in the "Twilight" world, human/vampire babies age at an accelerated rate, several actresses are expected to play Renesmee. While Foy will do all the heavy lifting for the purpose of the story, other names that have been thrown out there include Eliza Faria, Janelle Frohleich, Sierra Pitkin and Rachel St. Gelais.

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