Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Oscar's Twilight Surprise? - AUTO-TUNE!


Even though the "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" movies aren't exactly Oscar bait, and even though the casts thereof were notably not in attendance at tonight's (last Sunday's) 83rd Annual Academy Awards, fans of the wizard-and-vampire genres still had a good reason to tune in for the broadcast: a highly anticipated, majorly hyped musical moment about halfway through the show. GAH, the excitement! What could it be?!

Well, tune in we did—sticking it out through seven acts of chatter, back-patting and James Franco in a magenta dress to see it. And while Robert Pattinson didn't show up (sorry girls, we know you're disappointed), what did happen was something even more extraordinary.

And by "extraordinary," we mean "T-Pain would have LOVED this."

Yep, you heard us right: In the absence of so many of our favorite celebs, the producers of tonight's awards made up for it by giving us homemade music videos—courtesy of some creatively-clipped dialogue and a LOT of auto-tune—for blockbuster movies including "Eclipse," "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," "The Social Network" and "Toy Story 3."

Our favorites? "HP7"'s "Tiny Ball of Light" (featuring the vocal talents of Ron Weasley) and "Doesn't He Own a Shirt," featuring... well, Taylor Lautner with no shirt on, so who even cares about anything else. Drool.

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