Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kellan Lutz's Interview with Saturday Night Magazine

Here's a portion of Kellan's interview with SNM. I thought this part was pretty funny. I'm sure they all have stories like this to tell. I do feel sorry for them sometimes, but I guess they know that's the price of fame and fortune :-)!!

How have you been dealing with all the fan attention? Any crazy fan stories?

"Haha yeah… There have been so many funny stories! I live next to a high school and my roommates had a fun idea to go and check out the local high school football game and just hang and watch a game and eat stadium food. So a group of us went to the game and as soon as I bought my ticket, my buddy got the feeling that someone was following us. He was right. As soon as we got to the hot dog stand, this girl said “ Kellan I love you. Can I have a picture?” She was shaking so much which I thought it was very cute and of course we talked for a bit and took some pictures and we said goodbye. We finally got our food and found seats and all of a sudden groups of kids kept coming up to our seats asking for pictures and autographs and wanting me to sign everything from their jeans to their shoes. It was funny and very flattering; I was barely able to watch the game. I guess I should have thought twice about it being a high school football game … but still, it was a fun night.

The fan attention's fun and I'm very flattered. Everyone I have met has been so kind and sweet. We know what big fans of Twilight they are so we just want to please them as much as we can."

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Tara D said...

Ooh, I love Kellan too! I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to walk up to him and ask for an autograph, though.

Moon Devious said...

Oh, I would! He is gorgeous...I'm starting to think him and Rob Pattinson are neck-to-neck when it comes to hotness. And he's such a sweetheart, and southern, too. Just my type. YUM

Cindy said...

Yeah, Kellan is pretty hot, but I don't know, Robert still surpasses him for me ~ but it's totally because he's "Edward"!!

sorasora said...

ohh pshhh kellan lutz is a hottie :] so is taylor lautner! they both have ahhmazing smileesss and are freaking gorgeousss