Sunday, February 8, 2009

HSM vs. Twilight - Who's the Better Tween Queen?

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"The debate, although initially heated, had subsided slightly. That is until rumors surfaced that Vanessa Hudgens was putting her name in for the bitter but misunderstood werewolf Leah Clearwater. Hudgen's reps claim that this rumor has no merit, but still, the debate was sparked again. Twilight fans offended High School Musical fans by their outrage at such a potential casting decisions. High School Musical fans, in turn, upset the Twilight fans when they expressed joy that Vanessa wouldn't be taking such a small part in, what they considered, a less important franchise. Would Vanessa have outshone Kristen Stewart? Was the project beneath her? Let's try to put all loyalties aside and figure out who truly is the better leading lady: Kristen Stewart or Vanessa Hudgens? To figure out which girl makes the better leading lady, I compiled a list of questions to determine which young woman is better teen queen material."

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Tara D said...

I don't think this is so much who is a better teen "idol" as this is how well these girls can portray their characters. Either way, I could've cared less who received the Leah Clearwater role in New Moon; I don't think for a second that it would be possible for ANYONE to overshadow the character of Bella. That was just a ridiculous statement. pshhh

Cindy said...

Kristen is the PERFECT Bella and no one being added to the cast will outshine her!!

Chrystina said...

I can't stand HSM so I think Kristen rocks! Like the other chick needs twilight for her career. The movie doesn't need her. We want people that can pull it off not name brands!