Monday, February 9, 2009

Twilight Actors - Random & Interesting Facts

While at the Chicago Convention, Twilight Lexicon found out some interesting random facts about a few of the Twilight actors:

Justin Chon:
~ Has his own retail store
~ He loves to surf
~ He is in an upcoming movie with Harrison Ford called Crossing Over.
~ Has a great smile, and is thrilled to talk to fans

Ashley Greene:
~ Loves shopping just about as much as Alice does
~ Most embarrassing moment on set was hitting a cameraman with a pitch…twice
~ Had picked out Alice’s prom dress because originally the Cullens were at the prom
~ Has a great, genuine bubbly personality, and was really sweet to all the fans

Peter Facinelli:
~ Pronounces his last name the Italian way with the “C” sounding like a “CH”
~ Sent Catherine Hardwicke a vampire book after his audition as a thank you even though he originally didn’t get the part
~ He has read all four Saga novels and so has Jennie Garth, and they are big fans.
~ He is every bit as dazzling (not to mention completely gracious) in real-life as Edward is in the books, not that we were having trouble concentrating or holding on to the power of speech or anything.


Tara D said...

Peter is so cute! And I have to admit, I love him with the darker hair. :)
And Justin owns his own retail store? I wonder if he had this before Twilight.

Sheba's Mommy said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post! How fun to find out interesting facts about the cast of Twilight! Thanks!!


Anonymous said...

Yes Justin's had that store before Twilight. :)