Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twilight Mentioned on American Idol

Last night on American Idol, Randy Jackson compared Adam Lambert to Robert Pattinson. Randy's comments start at 4:35. Be sure and watch it from that point to the end to see Ryan & Adam's reaction to Randy's comment. I watched this last night and it was cool to hear Twilight being represented ~ and smart move on Adam's part for mentioning he's read all four books!!!


Tara D said...

Haha, I saw that last night. I have to say that I like Adam better for knowing he's a fan. :) Funny, I'm not surprised he likes them.

Melo said...

*haha* In Germany this show - which seems to be exactely the same (color, logo, music etc.) is called "Deutschland sucht den Superstar".
I didn't understand all but yes, it's sympathic (is this the right word? ^^) that he likes the books. But well - he's NO Edward Cullen. :)

Cindy: I sent the header. ;-)